Dr. Buch currently consults on a private and individual basis specializing in performance enhancement and the treatment of spine related conditions. From 1994 to 2015 he oversaw Keller Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation in Oakland California. He received his Degree in Kinesiological Studies from California State University, Hayward and his Chiropractic degree from Life West Chiropractic College. 

Dr.Buch's Curriculum Vitae
View abstract from the Journal Spine, Co-Authored by Dr. Buch, 1999  

Dr. Buch is a California State Appointed Qualified Medical Evaluator and performs QME and AME medical legal examinations in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Dr. Buch is also a California DWC Medical Unit approved provider of QME continuing education, and is the course administrator for QMECEU.com.

Dan fractured his back at the age of 16, which later required decompressive surgery. He competed as an intercollegiate sprinter and turned the negative back injury into a learning experience. Dan is also a professional drummer and maintains

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